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Let go of time management?

You may be wondering if you read that correctly or if I have lost it?  Yep, you read it correctly, and I may have lost it, but you can decide.  Read on to find out what I've "lost".
This is something I have been preaching to my private clients for years. We are healers, artists, light workers and spirit-inspired coaches who lean into a less-linear,  more feminine way of working and being.  I was elated to find that more traditional resources such as the Harvard Business Review were in agreement.  There I found an entire article titled, Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.
In this week's YINpreneur Wisdom Circle Facebook Live video I shared a bit about the downsides of trying to manage the limited resource of time and invite you into some simple rituals and practices to nurture and sustain your energy and access your best self. 
This is just one of the ways we are going deeper into our monthly intention of #lifebalance (to support your Journey to Center).  The video is relatively short and full of simple wisdom to free you from the stress of time management.
I want to honor you, your time, and the way you like to engage so I am meeting you where you are.  Here are three ways to receive:
In the video, I refer to the Life Balance Bagua (FREE download) If you didn't yet download click here.
Wishing you a year of sustainable energy, life balance, and prosperity in abundance.

Karen McMillan
Karen McMillan

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