a soulful sisterhood of mindset mastery, manifesting, retreat, and self-care

blending ancient wisdom with modern practice, business, and retreat for busy, creative, introverted coaches, healers, light workers,  artists

who wish to contribute to change with a business that looks and feels like a movement


If you are like many who visit this page, you are a heart-centered woman doing meaningful work in the world.  You may have a business, or you are busy leading life in your home, town, state or country.

You sense that your success in life and work rests with your sense of self, your vision, energy, and mindset.  You long for a gentler, more feminine, yin-inspired alternative to the yang-masculine way of creating your life and business.

In the spirit of a mastermind, you deserve a like-spirited community to support and celebrate this journey with you.

The YINpreneur™ Village is a sacred space, created for you – a diverse, global community of women who prefer conscious living over a yang-masculine, linear way of working and being in life and business.  Women who want to lead with heart, softer edges, and their intuition.

your sanctuary of peace, prosperity, and creativity

The Village is designed so that each visit leaves you feeling more connected, fully supported, lighter in spirit, joyful and abundant.  If you dedicate yourself to the recommended practices you will find yourself living and working in a way that brings you peace, sustainable power, and prosperity.